Clinical study on Turmacin®

A randomized placebo controlled study on 120 individuals (37 males and 83 females) with uncomplicated primary osteo-arthritis (OA) demonstrated the efficacy of Turmacin®. It could possibly be a safer and effective option for the management of individuals with primary painful knee and joint pain.
The standard scales of pain OA viz. VAS(Visual Analogue Score), WOMAC(The Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Arthritis Index), CGIC (Clinician global impression change) were used to assess the efficacy of Turmacin®. In addition Turmacin® also reduced the intake of paracetamol as rescue medication.

No adverse effect reported upon intake of Turmacin® by individuals during the trial.

Suggested use level : 500 mg twice a day for 42 days .